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Training & Development Program

Training & Development is one of the core functions within the management consulting business as well-trained consultants contribute towards a higher business impact for their clients. In parallel, they create significant value for the firm and themselves as a strong Training & Development program enables the consulting staff to develop tremendously both along personal and professional dimensions. Arthur D. Little is fully committed towards development of its staff through both formal training as well as on-the-job learning.


Induction plays a crucial part for new joiners at Arthur D. Little. Within the first couple of weeks of joining, the new employees are taken through a structured induction program that provides them with more details about the firm's global and regional operations, along with specifics of working in the Middle East, living in Dubai as well as HR and administrative processes within the office.

Global and Regional Trainings

We organise regular global and regional trainings for all our staff members in line with a well-defined curriculum based on the expectations from their career stages. The Training & Development program ensures that per staff member, there is one global training annually and one regional training quarterly. Although the ‘apprenticeship’ model with 360 degree and continuous feedback plays a key role in ensuring that employees pick up new skillsets quickly as they advance through career stages, the importance of undergoing regular trainings cannot be undermined. These trainings provide an opportune means to introduce new concepts (especially when one transitions career stages) while refreshing the ones already learnt in the past.

On-the-job Learning

As a new staff member at Arthur D. Little, you will immediately find yourself immersed in complex and challenging cases, learning directly from your seniors and working side-by-side with your clients. Your career development will be actively monitored by your case managers and your mentors, who will provide you with the requisite guidance and help you advance in the firm.

Our last training was held in July 2008, in Bali.